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Stan Slutsky

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"As a child, magicians and magic acts fascinated me. There was something about the illusions they created that captured my imagination. I want that same vivid sense of illusion to be central in my artwork.

The mesmerizing exactitude of my earlier work bears no relation, either in theme or process, to my current artistic endeavors devoted to food. I am delighted with the path I am taking in this evolution. For me, it harkens back to 1957, when I was an ice cream man driving a Good Humor truck and selling different varieties of cold sweetness to children and families. Today my collectors get nostalgic when they see my art. My pop art hyperrealism of food sculptures embody the hope and optimism of that bygone ( Nostalgic) and beloved decades. Being a Pop Artist making sweet things and  sculptures larger than life that are non fattening brings joy to my collector's.

My unique "Art of Gastronomy " pop art food sculptures are bigger than life an extension of my geometric optical illusion artwork. I hope my work will stimulate and provoke a positive emotional response in the viewer's mind just like the magicians did when I was a child." -Stan Slutsky