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Maurizio Zuluaga

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Maurizio Zuluaga is a prolific and progressive contemporary visual artist, integrating different techniques and fusing them into his own post-modern expressionist neo-pop style.   Depicting luring themes, he creates beautiful mixed media paintings, murals, street art and installations with vibrant symbolism and iconography in a context that is current, subversive, poetic, heterogeneous, and mythical in their true nature.

His technique and lyricism are groundbreaking, profound and poetic and by constantly pursuing an approach of 'controlled chaos' he mixes new mediums and incorporates an urban street art style that often shows in his work and reflect a literal and philosophical view of our perceived reality and the many dimensions of life.

Zuluaga, is not only a prolific visual artist but also a writer and film maker living and working in Jersey City and NYC, who takes much of his iconic subject matter from history books, comic books, printed media, movies, found objects, print work, signs, photography, internet, dreams, etc; and incorporates themes of pop imagery with surreal elements that build a rich metaphorical dynamic lexicon in its layers in a sense that is both elegant and striking.

His work carries many different socio-political, sub-cultural, worldly, philosophical and historic themes that play with styles diverting from pop, abstract, cubism, pointillism, figurative, collage, assemblage, neo-expressionism and street techniques consisting of stencils, graffiti, wheat paste and printed ephemera.

All of these elements combined give his dream-worlds an evanescent but profound kind of state to the work, executed masterfully and harmonically in the many styles, patterns, colors and juxtaposed figures not only on his large format paintings and murals but also on his more figuratively but highly scientific signature style, "Elasticism" with his unique multi dimensional elastic rubber band sculptures and part of his "Elastic-City" series.

These stunning portraits of famous legends, icons, pop culture, characters, myths and muses of music, history, literature, science, arts and culture; are made with thousands of hand compressed and hand painted rubber bands meticulously placed as if creating an actual being filled with energy and life; and explore the concept of the elasticity, resilience and plasticity of the human mind, body and soul; and how pop iconography is engraved in our cultural DNA.