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Mario Loprete

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“My name is Mario Loprete, and I live in Catanzaro, a small Calabrian city in the south of Italy. It’s a beautiful place to live in, geographically, and culturally. It is the land that the ancient Greeks called “Magna Grecia,” rich in culture and history.

Artistically, I consider myself a self-taught artist. I have extensively studied the history of art and that of the great masters. I first studied for six years, and then at the age of 34, I decided to attend The Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro. I was aware that if I wanted to give more strength to my work, I needed to confront myself with other artists and to share experiences with them.

I completed my studies in 2007, knowing that formal education is necessary for every profession. An artist needs to be unique and to know the history of art and who preceded him. I dedicate my days to research in order to strengthen my work.”