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Lina Valentina is a contemporary artist currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Born in St. Petersburg Russia, Lina recalls her passion for art since the early days of her youth. At the age of 14, Lina and her parents migrated from Russia to Spain. She lived there for a year before permanently moving to the United States. Shortly after, Lina's grandmother, Valentina, passed away in Russia. This was a tumultuous time in her life as she was unable to attend the funeral and finalize her goodbyes. It was then that Lina vowed to portray her grandmother's memory by making her name known around the world. Lina's artistic varies from contemporary art to surrealism, she becomes inspired by the lyrics and emotions found in various styles of music, Dali's work has been known to spark her creativity. The young entrepreneur speaks three languages and has attended SCSU, Paier College of art and FIT. Her favorite art media is acrylics, in addition to painting on canvases, Lina has also painted murals that could be found in NYC, Brooklyn and LA.