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Lillie Bernie

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London based abstract artist Lillie Bernie paints her interpretation of human emotion. Lillie is inspired by human interactions and challenging personal experiences. She captures the consequent feelings and emotions through the use of bold colours and textures. 

Lillie uses her art work as a medium of expression, focusing on issues such as ‘human completeness’. Having worked as a fashion model since the age of 14 and graduating from university as a broadcast journalist, Lillie takes a strong interest in one’s ability to take charge of their emotions and disengage from ones sometimes negative environment that can often lead to a confused existence. 

She is particularly interested in life's perplexities and reflects on the struggle for fulfilment, indicated by the circle being so symbolic throughout her work. Dialectical dispositions, selfishness and selflessness, fear and bravery, apathy and concern, moves Lillie in relation to this complex ideal. We must all look outside of ourselves and pursue the dispositions that will make us whole.