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John Paul Fauves

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"I have painted since I can remember. I now understand that this passion for art is the soul trying to express through colors and strokes. My inspiration comes from the Fauvist movement. This being an individualistic style that lacks a classical order which in turn uses color to communicate feelings. Expressionism is clearly my interpretation of Art. I think that art is the expression of the soul." -John Paul Fauves

In the "Micky Me" collection, the artist represents the loss of innocence in the human being through popular icons. The Hedonist Mickey is a figure that seeks pleasure no matter the consequence. Mickey, being a worldwide iconic figure of innocent, represents the hedonist lifestyle we have all been tempted with. In this mad world, sometimes just one bad choice can guide you to a dark hallway where you will never find the way out. In defying gravity, the destiny of Marilyn Monroe was death, where innocent was lost and could never be brought back.