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Part of the "Ball Is Life" series. 

Medium: Wood frame on plexi glass.

Dimensions: 38 x 34 in 

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Construction of the Work

The “Ball is Life” basketball hoops are constructed through a combination of materials with the outer frame intended to be the focal point of the piece. Backboards are made from porcelain, acrylic glass, etc. Each frame is a rare antique in its own right and originally purposed as part of an ornate mirror decades ago. Each piece is individually sourced from across the United States, refurbished, and repurposed as a functional “miniature” basketball hoop.

Interpretation of the Work

One’s Life as a Game – Life can be viewed as a series of games that one chooses to play. Various career, relationship, and personal choices create new challenges, new obstacles, and new rewards. Each outcome, whether one considers it a “win” or “loss” allows to us to transition into a new experience. The basketball hoop is used a metaphor for this game, and hence, “ball is life”.

Sport as an Art – The movement, emotion, and self‐expression intertwined with athletics all lend to the argument that sport in itself is an art. Watching Roger Federer glide across the court, Victor Cruz celebrate a touchdown, Lebron celebrate a winning title….all of these actions reveal numerous elements of the human condition. Life imitates art in so many ways, and vice versa. So if one can take basketball, as a sport, and interpret it as art, we can truly say that Ball is Life.

The Celebrity of Sport – Our everyday lives are dominated by sports, celebrities, and athletes. The repurposed basketball hoop, having now become part of one’s home, is a metaphor of that

Refocusing Art on the Frame – Usually, the frame that encases a piece of “art” is an afterthought. However, frames constructed throughout the Victorian and Baroque era are just as interesting as the artwork itself, and often times require more expertise in craftsmanship. Ball is Life refocuses the artwork on the frame itself.

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