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Francesco De Molfetta

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Francesco de Molfetta's art is bold and holds back no punches. When viewing his art, the observer is invited to closely examine his own fate and position in the cultural landscape. Does he transcend and reshape, or remain complacent and numb in a material excessive and sensory overstimulated world?  

One has to decide because Francesco's art demands an answer.  
Francesco’s work is deep and rich in layers. On appearance there is the ouvert critique on our contaminated society with weak morales. However as you peel back the layers, at the core there is a glimmering light of hope and wisdom.  Perhaps Francesco is saying that through all this craziness, that we really can all make it better somehow in the end.  

Francesco is a prankster, a by-product of the 80’s and 90’s, he questions the legitimacy of the very society that has shaped his ideology and psyche through humour and irony in his art.  

Although his creations bares vulnerability, Francesco the Artist is a reserved sentimental individual with a deep appreciation for the world.  

Through his work, the viewer gains a glimpse into the heart of the artist who has an unabashed love for all things nostalgic, his dogs, every kind of art, and people who have shaped his reality.

Francesco is an influential figure on the developing art establishment, and an admiration to many aspiring artists.