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by Nicole Schubert


Zevi G, a New Jersey born artist, who is breaking barriers and inspiring younger generations through positive artwork, is embedding messages of hope and optimism through a collection of works with a commentary based on his belief, that chasing money isn’t the answer.  

Inspired by his experience working as a young entrepreneur, Zevi G saw firsthand, the negative effects money incurs and how it can intercede our lives.

“I came from a business background where everything was just money, money, money, ” said Zevi G. “I had a health issue I was dealing with five or six years ago and it really made me think, what do I really want from life? Chasing money didn’t seem to be a good enough answer to me. My grandfather was an artist and it runs in my family blood. Painting and creating my characters was a win win for me, as I would be able to leave positive messages in my lifetime and for the next generations to come.” 

Today, Zevi G has made a namesake for himself, building upon this revelation, constructing a fantastical world, coined “456 Land,” initially motivated by a board game, where if you rolled the numbers four, five, and six, you won a pot of money.

“I felt the name was a perfect fit. We win with a positive outlook and 456 stands for winning.”

But what made “456 Land” come to fruition, was Zevi G’s originality and power of creation.

“I created a whole bunch of characters while at business meetings. I put my characters on canvas, then at a certain point I converted them into 3D. I’ve created over 300 sculpture designs to date, both released and unreleased. Creation makes the world a better place.”

Mr. Moneybags, the leading character in “456 Land,” is an amalgamation of Zevi G’s ideals: acting out good deeds, helping those in need, and using money to better the community.  

“I created Mr. Moneybags to show another side of wealth, and talk about the good one can do with money. Enjoy the money you worked hard for, but never forget those less fortunate. When a gift of money helps a family or person in need, that is fulfillment on another level and I try and share that message through Mr. Moneybags and the moneybags I create.”

During Miami Art Week 2018, Zevi G showcased his Mr. Moneybags inflatable sculpture, in largest scale to date, spanning 20ft.

20ft Mr. Moneybags at The Art Plug Power House, Miami Art Week 2018

20ft Mr. Moneybags at The Art Plug Power House, Miami Art Week 2018


And at this year’s Art Palm Beach, a never before seen inflatable sculpture, 10ft The Messenger, will be featured at the entrance of the fair alongside a 20ft Mr. Moneybags.

“The Messenger has his heart out in the open and excludes no one. He just wants to share his message of Love and Unity.”

Zevi G aims to give viewers a non-political and positive impression right away. “I want you to stop your busy day for a second; stop, look, and just smile.” 

His original characters resemble something out of a 1950’s comic with a modern polish. The Ruler, The Angel, Mr. Moneybags, The Messenger, and 456 Polo are some of his influential characters, but he is just getting started.

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