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BY JOHN OLDANI - July 15, 2018


In a fast paced world filled with incentives begging us to latch on to the quickest ways to make money, there are artists like Zevi G that flip that composition on its head through originality and self-belief. Zevi G is an artist from New Jersey, and creator of 456 Land; an imaginary world focused on positivity and creation through unique characters that he develops over time.

In 456 Land, Zevi G aspires to break barriers and inspire younger generations through positivity and learning from experiences. “456 Land is regular city with none of the negative aspects that we have in real life,” Zevi said.

Zevi spent a large chunk of his life as an avid entrepreneur before he had important revelation. “I came from a business background where everything was just money, money, money, ” he said. “At a certain point I said, ‘Fuck Money’; money is essentially not life. I sold off most of my businesses just to be able to create full time.”

Inspiring originality is a key component in 456 Land. Without the power of creation, there is a limited platform to develop a positive image. Zevi maintains this mantra by staying progressive with his characters. “I created a whole bunch of characters while at business meetings”, he said. “I put my characters on canvas, then at a certain point I converted them into 3D. I’ve created over 300 sculpture designs to date, both released and unreleased. Creation makes the world a better place.”

Zevi G aims to give viewers a non-political and positive impression right away. “I want you to stop your busy day for a second; stop, look, and just smile.” His original characters resemble something out of a 1950’s comic with a modern polish. The Ruler, The Angel, Mr. Moneybags, The Messenger, and 456 Polo are some of his influential characters, but he is just getting started.



456 Slugger

Standing six feet tall, 456 Slugger is Zevi G’s latest creation, embodying America’s pastime and one of the world’s most beloved games: baseball. The right handed slugger is resin based and took over 1.5 years to create from design to finish. In celebration of the MLB All-Star Game, the sculpture will be on display at the Oakley Pool Party before the big game on July 16th. Fittingly, it will be hosted by 5x MLB All-Star Torii Hunter alongside the legendary Boston Red Sox slugger, David Ortiz. The event will be held at The Capitol Skyline Hotel (10 I Street Southwest, Washington, DC 20024) from 12-6pm. Guests will have the opportunity to catch some rays, enjoy music by DJ Trayze and DJ Eric Forbes, and indulge in a variety of beverages poolside at the hotel.

Significance of 456

In order to create a winning culture, one must align their core values with that of the brand; or in Zevi’s case align with his art. His core values are related to positivity, ambition, and breaking barriers, so naturally he creates with these in mind. By diverting most of his attention from business to his passion, he has managed to establish a winning culture personified through 456 Land.  “456 stands for winning; it’s the winning number in a game called Ceelo,” Zevi said. “In the game you throw three die, if it lands on 456 you win the whole pot. It’s a game i played growing up.”

"Secure The Bag (Gold)" by Zevi G.  Published by Monsieur Marcel.

"Secure The Bag (Gold)" by Zevi G. Published by Monsieur Marcel.

"Secure The Bag (Chrome)" by Zevi G.  Published by Monsieur Marcel.

"Secure The Bag (Chrome)" by Zevi G. Published by Monsieur Marcel.


Future Plans for Zevi G

Zevi is always working on his craft, and he is dedicated to bringing more people into 456 Land by reaching out to various communities like baseball fans. He previously preferred working with concrete, but he expanded his vision to include other mediums. He now utilizes different materials to provide an entirely new look and feel to his characters.

“I currently have numerous pieces in production, ranging from two feet tall to ten feet tall. The ten foot tall piece is in production and is also resin based,” he said. “I have two 7 foot pieces in production, one using aluminum.  There’s a huge range of work, I’m constantly working”

Zevi G is an artist focused on perfecting his craft while maintaining the standards of a winning culture. What makes his winning culture unique is he is not focused on financial growth or material possessions. His ideals are embedded in a positive message set on inspiring and impacting future generations, teaching them that positive experiences are more important than chasing money.  Expect plenty new original work from Zevi G as he takes us through more exciting journeys in 456 Land.

“With original work it helps make the world a positive place, puts a smile on people’s  faces, creates conversation, and helps teach the younger generation that’s it’s positive to create something original and introduce a new character into this world,” Zevi said.

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