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TooT comes from underground where his characters all live. It was an odd day when he was born, or so he tells me. The name TooT is believed to be passed down from a far away language. The sacred meaning is held close to him, never to be revealed. Unless you ask him. It means little shit. 

Like many of his imaginative characters, John the Snail was inspired by a real life snail named John, who wasn’t real. Originally drawn on a hotel notepad while waiting for room service, TooT remembers thinking to himself, “This room service is slow. I wonder what’s taking him.” John finally delivered his sandwich. Fortunately Toot has a photographic memory, as the pencil he had been drawing with was a toothpick.     

A life on the road presents many tales. Super Pea, Pantyhose Ninja and Gip the Pig are just some of the heroes that come to life thanks to the adventurous adventures of TooT.

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