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CB Hoyo

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"Getting To Know Artist CB Hoyo"
by Felicity Carter
"the self-taught artist produces artwork that is full of colour and humor, as it pokes fun at society and the world in which we live." - Forbes
"Koud Kunstje" by De Kunstmeisjes (Dutch)
"Learn the ins and outs of buying art online". "JUST BOUGHT A LAMBO & RARI NO ONE WILL CARE IF MY KEITH HARING IS FAKE" Marcel Katz Art is featured in this tutorial.

"Best New Art: OSGEMEOS Solo Exhibit, Bootleg Artworks, Digital-Only Museum & More" by Keith Estiler

"CB Hoyo Trolls Iconic Artworks in “Keeping It Real” Solo Exhibit" - Hypebeast

"Does art have any more inherent value than currency?" by George Beall
"Again [CB Hoyo] begs us to question, where does the value of art and currency come from?" - The Huffington Post
"10 Rising Street Artists Who Are Taking the Art Form Beyond Banksy"  by Naomi Rea
"His “Fake it till you make it” series is the perfect send up of the art world, without being too pretentious." -artnet news
"Meet the artist taking aim at the art establishment by making fake masterpieces" 
"You’ve heard of fake news - but up-and-coming artist CB Hoyo is bringing fake art to the masses." - London Evening Standard 
"This Artist’s Counterfeits of Blue-Chip Icons Blend Fake News With Satire of the Art World"
"CB Hoyo creates work that playfully questions artistic authenticity and monetary value in an era defined by fake news and social media."
"Artist Questions the Value of Modern Masters and Art World Politics in Satirical Paintings"
"Hoyo asks us to question our own desire for recognition, the fake and real in the world around us, and what it takes to boost or destroy the value of something." - Flavorwire
"Keeping It Real"
"Hoyo’s prolific output across an array of mediums and materials...has seen the young artist rapidly achieve international notoriety." - Wall Street International
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"Heerlijke nepkunst van CB Hoyo"
"Wie in de stad om zich heen kijkt, ziet genoeg namaakluxe: tassen van Louis Vuitton of Gucci, sneakers van Yeezy of een jas van Canada Goose. Kunstenaar CB Hoyo laat zich inspireren door deze creatieve en brutale straatcultuur en vertaalt het van mode naar kunst." - Mixed Grill Magazine
"CB Hoyo is the hidden gem from Latin America you need to know about. His work is a colorful satire of society, with a point of view you might have never heard of." - Vendôme Magazine
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"Fake It Till You Make It!" by Cyril Foiret
"In an era marked by hoaxes and success intended as the conquest of the unique, this young artist of Cuban origins, wanted to create an artistic journey dedicated to the imitation of the most famous works of art, intervening with simple, ironic but impact." - Trendland Magazine
"La Fake Art di CB Hoyo"
"Creazioni fresche, divertenti e colorate, sono apprezzate dai critici ed esposte in collezioni private e pubbliche nei sei continenti." - Urban Contest Magazine
"CB Hoyo: Keeping It Real"
"CB Hoyo creates work that playfully questions artistic authenticity and monetary value in an era defined by fake news and social media." - ArtRabbit
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"The Queen and Marilyn Monroe Revised in ‘Re:Creations,’ a Group Exhibition by Imitate Modern, London"
"CB Hoyo, the Havana born artist now living in Europe, uses a mixture of historical art trends but still incorporates his unique voice working with any mediums on any materials." - Blouin ArtInfo
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"Moniker Art Fair 2017: Review"
"As with all street art we found many of the classic recurring themes: reinvented Campbell's Soup, objects made from money to reflect our capitalist culture, weaponry, etc, but one of the more humorous imitations came from CB HOYO a young artist represented by the Imitate Modern Gallery." - Focus LDN

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