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I’ve always considered myself a creator. As a kid, I spent countless hours playing with lego. I was never very good at following the instructions and always ended up with a pile of extra pieces at the end as a result of my “modifications” to the suggested build. For me, the lines between art and engineering were always blurry and I considered them both equally creative. Designing something that didn’t previously exist uses the same imagination neutrons as creating works of art. Both involving seeing what isn’t there and the two have always gone hand in hand for me. 

At the time of my 18th birthday, my grade 12 Science Fair project was featured on the cover of Popular Science Magazine. The Uno,  a “one-wheeled” zero-emissions motorcycle was awarded Popular Science’s “Invention of the Year” among numerous other International design awards. I used the publicity to launch my business, BPG Werks, that went on to design, develop and manufacture the DTV Shredder, a brand new type of off-road vehicle combining characteristics from the Action and Power Sport worlds. 

Although I went to M.I.T. for engineering, I grew up going to art camps, studying art in School and even studied fine art in Italy during a Semester Abroad program. As an engineer, Art has played a huge role in my creative process enabling me to create vehicles that blend function and form in innovative combinations. As an artist, my engineering background has allowed me to create some functional works of art. 

My artwork represents a coming of age and reflections of of our current times. The desire to chase what appears to be the good life, coveting money, power, loss of innocence and searching for happiness where it can’t always be found. I draw inspiration from pop culture, hip hop, friends and life experiences. The Cookie monster was always my favourite character from Sesame Street, mainly for his unbridled love and enthusiasm for cookies and carefree attitude. My paintings represent our inner Cookie Monsters, un-restrained and unapologizing for just wanting to be a little wild and “kooky”.

Techno Art

Techno Art is the synthesis of right and left brain thinking. To me, it represents the combination of my two passions and the culmination of my journey to date. I have recently returned back to MIT in Boston to pursue a degree in Computer Science. My new artwork is a reflection of this next step in my journey. 

I wanted to create interactive features that combine my artistic creativity with my love for human machine interfacing. In the past I’ve created machines and vehicles that were controlled entirely from subtle body movements, recording changes in position and converting those into signals that would control motors and movement. My interest in how we interact with technology  has been a lifelong interest and I am now channelling that passion into my artwork.