Marcel Katz Art



Marcel Katz Art is an art dealership and pop-up gallery based in Miami. Established in 2017 by Marcel Katz, the dealership boasts a roster of over 100 artists, trading in everything from paintings, sculptures, photography to limited edition prints. The dealership exhibits works at a number of pop-ups and one-off events and stages booths at art fairs (SCOPE Miami Beach, Art Palm Beach). All the while, they retain a vital online footprint on industry-vetted websites Artsy and Artnet. Marcel Katz Art keeps a close relationship with their artists and can work directly with clients on specialized, commissioned works.

UnderThe Art Plug umbrella and alongside The Art Plug Power House, an adaptive cultural & art experience, Marcel Katz Art helps to form a conglomerate of interconnected art-based companies. All three entities provide a range of international services and experiences related to the art-industry. The company has worked with brands (Lyft, Virgin, Stoli, Heineken, Champs Sports, Buzzfeed), leaders of music and entertainment (Universal Music Group, Atlantic Records, Island Records, First Access Entertainment) and non-profits (Best Buddies, The Caliber Foundation, FACCI).




Miami native Marcel Katz is an art dealer and art agent willing to do whatever it takes to make an impact with the brand he created. Curated under the name, “The Art Plug”, Katz showcases work from artists of all levels of fame.  It was in 2017 when he initialized Marcel Katz Art, an art dealership and pop-up gallery, alongside the fine arts publisher, Monsieur Marcel. Together they are The Art Plug, a cohesive brand and art agency helping artists push their potential while selling and promoting work while curating major events or localized pop-ups.

“I became close friends with many artists when I was working in nightlife,” Katz said. “I had a bunch of art on my walls and eventually I just started selling art out of my house. One piece a month turned into two pieces and it snowballed and my brand grew”

Katz started working with artists five years ago during his time in nightlife as the creative director for the Opium Group, one of Miami's most premiere entertainment hospitality group of its time. His passion for art continued to grow - he started collecting and selling artwork, which lead to him managing artists and expanding to starting his own businesses. In under five years he has worked with some of the industry’s finest artists while becoming the world’s youngest Salvador Dali dealer at only 30 years old. Katz has access to work from over 70 artists including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami, Mr. Brainwash, Jeff Koons, Robert Indiana, Aholsniffsglue, CB Hoyo, DetroitWick, John Paul Fauves, Bertrand Fournier, Ketnipz, and more. He has also collaborated with brands like Adidas, Atlantic Records, Rolling Loud, NZR Hospitality Group, and So So Def Recordings (Jermaine Dupri’s mega-studio in Atlanta).

These achievements can be attributed to Marcel’s ability to connect with any type of audience and his eye for spotting trends in the industry and potential within in artist. As an agent, his eccentric personality and confidence helps artists realize their potential while pushing them to levels they never dreamed of.

“I see something and I dream as big as possible,” Katz said. “I’m taking someone that’s an illustrator, I see their potential, and now they’re in the fine art market getting inquiries on two major platforms. This is someone that never painted on canvas before, but I believed in them and made them see how far they can take this.”

A new generation of fanatic art collectors and artists give Katz the platform to sell, but the impact is what makes it worthwhile. “This is not a business, this is my life,” Katz said. “I never thought that this would be what I’d be doing for a living. This is a hobby that turned into a business. I get to dabble with different people and different creators, so it’s always fun for me.”

Early Inspiration

Marcel grew up in Miami where he was surrounded by all types of unique influences that were creatively sophisticated and rich with culture.

“My mother was an oil painter, my grandmother was a painter, and my brother is the first person to show me what street art was. My entire family is creative,” he said. “I would go to France every summer and I’d go to shows that my brother was curating in France. As a kid my parents took me around the world. I went to about 45 countries by the time I was 16.”

It was overseas where Katz realized his love for Psychology, people, and culture. He would often sit in his father’s business meetings in France and China, bumping shoulders with successful businessmen and prestigious figures of the area. “I was sitting in meetings listening and learning at a young age about how deals work,” Katz said. “I learned fundamentals that i apply to my business today. You also see the body language and the way people look at each other during big deals and it helped me develop a big interest in psychology.”

These experiences helped him establish traits unique to a teenager, showing him what it’s like to be driven and successful, and it stuck with him. Katz knew that his thinking was unique, often developing his own theories through the books he read and people he met. “My favorite writer is Malcolm Gladwell,” he said. “I really believe in fully immersive experiences and I think that is the future of marketing.”

This type of mentality is reflected in the events that Marcel curates, bringing a fully immersive experience to the people in attendance. “When I do a show I want you to smell something, taste something, feel something, and I want you to hear something,” he said. “I want you to use all your senses so that you never forget.”

Events curated by The Art Plug exemplify Marcel’s way of thinking, and it’s apparent as soon as you walk into the room. Whether it’s giant pill bottles from Shawn Kolodny at Rolling Loud, live painting installations from CB Hoyo, pulling up to a pop-up event in a custom VW Beetle with Ketnipz, or shredded gun parts confiscated from crime scenes encased in lucite sculpture by DetroitWick, you will experience something unique at every event.  An artist’s work often deeply reflects their personality, and Katz aims to bring that to fruition with each event.

The work done by The Art Plug is often backed by an important charity or sponsor. FACCI and The Caliber Foundation are a couple of the many nonprofits impacted through the power of art and connectivity.

“I want to leave a positive footprint in this world.  I find someone and i help them reach levels that they never thought were possible. There’s nobody that has a relationship like i do with my artists. I’ll get arrested for my artists; for the sake of art. I want to take my brand to the next level and raise the bar for the entire market and to change how people see art and innovation. The people around me are the Basquiat's and Dali’s of our generation, and our legacy will have a huge impact on our society.”

Marcel Katz aims to make a significant impact through art and the relationships made on his journey. Visualizing a public museum filled with work from all of our generations most sought out artists, his dream is never dull, but always fully realized.  In a society sometimes filled with dark images and disheartening realizations, it is important for Katz to build a vibrant and positive brand filled to the brim with influential artists and captivating images. At 30 years old, the list of achievements is long and the legacy is constantly growing.